For 30 years, D Carlson Construction Inc has given hundreds of clients throughout the Bay Area the once-in-a-lifetime experience of coming “home”.

Whether a client’s innermost needs call for an ultra-modern contemporary home, a traditional Craftsman style estate, or a sprawling Provençe-themed villa, D Carlson Construction Inc ensures that every individual client’s need is met to the utmost degree. After all, we are not simply home builders; we are home creators. We see it as our personal mission to create exceptional, high-end custom homes for our loyal and valued clientele.

At D Carlson Construction Inc, the foundation of trust built between our employees and our clients is at the core of our success. We maintain this trust by genuinely taking the time to get to know our clients and running a transparent operation. This means that we involve our clients in the planning and designing process as much as possible. In this way, our clients are like our business partners; they give us the opportunity to do what we love by creating one-of-a-kind custom homes, and we give them the extraordinary and surreal experience of bringing their home visions to life.

Other than the exceptional relationships that we create with our clients, our success is also predominantly due to our superb project management skills, our unyielding quality standards, our precise attention to detail, and our ability to think outside the box. More often than not, the ability to adapt and think creatively in the face of adversity has led to the discovery of new techniques and applications in the field, which overall, has strengthened us as a team and allowed us to excel and grow where others may have given up. At D Carlson Construction Inc, we never give up. We create. We create for our clients, and with our clients. We create homes that stand the test of time, homes which last for a lifetime.


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


“Our Customers Are Our First Priority.”  This attitude has accounted for 100% of our company’s growth.  Former clients recommend us without reservation to future customers.  We target clients at the top of the building industry who demand the level of craftsmanship and degree of professionalism that is a common goal.


Our computer assisted estimating lets us know actual costs of your project.  All labor, material, equipment, and subcontractor costs are thoroughly checked for accuracy with the best prices available.  You can be assured that a D Carlson Construction Inc bid is a complete bid with no hidden costs.


Our Field Managers are among the most qualified in the industry.  When you use D Carlson Construction Inc on your project, you can be certain that the Field Manager in charge of your job is a craftsman.  Great attention is paid to quality control from start to finish.


With the highest degree of professionalism and expertise, D Carlson Construction Inc commits to creating exceptional, custom-built homes. Our core values of integrity, creative adaptability, and acute attention to detail have stood the test of time. This has allowed our company to maintain consistent growth despite the shifting economic climate. We commit ourselves to our clients’ vision, and refuse to rest until we have turned their vision into a livable, exquisitely timeless reality. Let us create a residence for you that defies all expectation and takes you on a journey… a journey that leads you to the one place you’ve been yearning for: your home.


We have established a substantial work force. Pulling from labor markets all around Silicon Valley allows us to pick and choose the best manpower for your project.


At D Carlson Construction Inc, we work with over 200 subcontractors, architects, and interior designers combined. The majority of which have been doing business with us since the early stages of our company’s formation. Just as a well-oiled machine needs every bit and piece in its proper place in order to function properly, so it is with our subcontractors, architects, and interior designers. They are just as much a part of our success as any other member on our team, and the fact that we have maintained productive and peaceful working relations with all of them is a testament to the efficiency, communicativeness and interpersonal competency with which we run our company.